Auckland: Sail of The Century!

Below is the OH.NO.SUMO entry for the Queens Wharf Design Competition. It featured on TV3 News, Breakfast and on the front page of the New Zealand Herald.

Here is the text from the entry:

Auckland IS the city of sails. A city of sailing! It therefore seems legitimately obvious that the representation of Auckland could only ever take the form of a sail and lets face it, nothing says
isthmus paradise like sail cloth.

The use of more than one sail form depicts a yacht race. A yacht race on Queens Wharf. Which one will win? Well, none of them, they are buildings……

Each building takes the form of either a billowing spinnaker or tacking mainsail encapsulating the upwind and downwind nature of a yacht race. The space within each sail is at such a height (15m) as to potentially allow for up to 5 occupiable floors. Sails (buildings) can also be added and removed based on requirements. This is great.

The sails are tensile membrane structures that are supported by a light weight steel mast and skeleton and connected to the wharf itself. These tent-like (that is to say “sail-like”) membranes are made of a lightweight and translucent material, which will allow light to pass through creating an illuminating at night, which in turn creates a lantern effect. These lanterns will appear to float along the water beneath the wharf. The chiaroscuro will be worthy of a Caravaggio painting.

We do not claim this idea is entirely new. The use of sails for inspiration in form takes precedence from buildings such as Jorn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House. However, that is in Australia and this is in New Zealand. There is also the Burl Al Arab in Dubai, but again, our scheme is in New Zealand so instantly more awesome.

This is quite a great idea mostly due to the fact that sails are awesome. Auckland IS the city of sails! There is nothing quite like a sail to depict a city of sailing. Auckland: Sail of the century.