Cupcake Pavilion

After establishing at the beginning of 2009, OH.NO.SUMO became interested in an event that would involve the wider community in some sort of architectural experience. The result was a fundraising effort selling 1000 cupcakes to benefit the Starship Children’s Hospital.

The design developed into two intersecting double curved surfaces that supply shade and protection while effectively displaying the cupcakes. The structure was modeled parametrically using Rhino and Grasshopper then produced in corrugated cardboard using industrial laser cutters.

The structure is made up of many double layered horizontal and vertical ribs which slot together to form cubby holes where the cupcakes were placed in individual boxes. As the day proceeded the structure s appearance disintegrated from a solid form filled with cupcakes to a skeletal framework allowing light to escape at night.

The pavilion succeeded in selling out of the 1000 cupcakes and raising over $3000 for the Starship Foundation, but more crucially it succeeded in proving that the public have an appetite for fun public architecture.